Project Fuel


With the extinction of fossil fuel reserves just round the corner, it's high time for aggressive action towards an energy revolution. Venture with us in the field of practical alternatives because a thing which burns never returns! Our objective with Project Fuel is to refurbish how energy demands are met with at our Campus and beyond. We attempt to make a radical change not just to our fuel consumption but to our mentality and perspective regarding unconventional energy sources. Our aim is to create a ripple that influences people's perspective everywhere on the planet.
  • -Focused reduction of CO2 emissions with apparent impacts and long term advantages.
  • -Propelling Solar Energy usage taking into account the already well set up infrastructure and natural resources of our campus.
  • -Enforcing renewability in all our activities and the props we use- all events are planned with careful placement of elemental reuse aspect.
  • -Promotion of awareness regarding E-Waste Utilization and other waste reusability techniques.
  • -Idea Presentations on DIY solar projects which reinforce individual initiative regarding environment preservation.
  • -Organisation of "The Earth Hour" on 24th March 2018.